We extend your lashes professionally! They will look so natural and beautiful that even you would not be able to tell they are extensions!

Did you know that the adhesive in almost all eyelash extension kits contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde? Used in such close proximity to the eye, formaldehyde can be allergenic or potentially injuring the surface of the eye.

At Élan Beauty, we choose the leaders in products and techniques and bring them to you. The secret of our quality eyelash extensions is US-made NovaLash's premium notably the Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive. It is formaldehyde-free, and physician formulated for safety. Elan Beauty provides one of the best eyelash extensions services in Vancouver.

There are also other reasons why you can get the unbeatable quality service from us:

  • Platinum Bond adhesive is gentle, yet one of the strongest products on the market. When properly applied, lashes can last up to six to eight weeks.
  • The lashes lengthen and thicken your own lashes. They make your eye appear wider and more open.
  • Lashes and adhesives are designed for added flexibility and heat resistance. It is ideal for our clients who enjoy time in the sauna or steam room. They are also waterproof, so you can swim with them.
  • There are no smudges or clumps, and are suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • NovaLash only supplies products to technicians that are trained and certified by their own instructors to ensure consistent quality service.

To extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes and for a natural look, we apply them on a hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes. Properly applied lashes will last for the length of the natural growth cycle of each eyelash hair.

Ladies prefer Élan Beauty for their lash extensions needs.

  • Lash sustainability is our utmost care regiment. Our experienced technicians will use only the best products to minimize your natural lash loss.
  • We pay full attention to beauty, fashion, and a natural look. Whichever style and design you choose to fit your lifestyle, personality, and event, we'll make them appear so natural that even you will not be able to tell they were extended.
  • Longevity is key. Our lashes will last six to eight weeks, outlasting most of our competitors'. The longer your extended lashes stay, the fewer natural lashes you'll shed.

Touch-ups are recommended within four weeks after initial full set application to replace any shed lashes and trim those that have become too long.

Lash extensions are not for everyone. Please contact us to see if they will fit you.

Please click here for Lash Extensions After Care Instructions.


Tinting is a process of temporarily dying the eyelashes or eyebrows with a vegetable based formula. With protection around the eyes, the dye is then applied directly to the eyelashes or the eyebrows to achieve a darker lash line or darker shade of eyebrows. The eyelashes or eyebrows will stay dark for approximately 3-5 weeks. It is a temporary solution for people who are on the go, tinting can appear to look like mascara on the lashes any can have a nice shaded look on the eyebrows. Results may vary; people with lighter to blond hair will see the most dramatic results.


Consultation (in person or by phone)   Free
Candied Lashes -New    $150 / set
Eyelash Conditioner - New    Please contact us for
a free consultation and for
best results.
 Initial Full Upper Set
(we fill up to 90% of your lashes)
 90 minutes  $99
 Touch-ups (min. 15 minutes)  60 minutes  $60
 Initial Set Mink Lashes  90 minutes  $200
 Eyebrow Tinting  15 minutes  $20
 Eyelash Tinting  20 minutes  $25
 Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting  30 minutes  $40

Please schedule your appointments online. It's convenient, secure, and available 24×7 – you can select the precise service and the ideal time that's right for you with instant confirmation. Or simply phone us to learn more about one of the best eyelash extensions services in Vancouver at Elan Beauty.