Ever wonder what it would be like to have long, luxurious lashes? Mother Nature, unfortunately, did not grace us all with a fabulous set. Some of us have short lashes, fine lashes, and some of us have blond. And some just want those elegant lashes we see on celebrities. Who doesn’t? They’re to die for!


So, what do you do to achieve a luxurious lash effect? There are the usual methods. Mascara is the first choice. But all that caking, clumping and flaking isn't always fun. Then, there’s option B: False Eyelashes from the drugstore. Ok, maybe you splurged and bought the extra nice lashes from your favorite cosmetic store. But, to be honest, you have to muddle with glues that sometimes contain formaldehyde, which can be irritating and even allergenic, potentially injuring the eye. And even the best fake lashes wear off quickly...


 Then, there's option C: Professional lash extensions. These are not makeup counter products. The lashes used at Élan are US-made, formaldehyde-free and physician formulated for safety. Élan Beauty also provides the best lash services in Vancouver. Skilled technicians apply the extensions by hand, lash by lash, adhering them individually to your own natural eyelashes. That's why our extensions last anywhere from 5-8 weeks, which is longer than most of our competitors.


Just ask one of our Facebook Contest winners: Shadia Benouattaf, who won a free set of NovaLash extensions this Fall, courtesy of Élan Beauty. She even wore them with her unique Halloween costume! (See her Photo at the Bottom)


I had the opportunity to interview this lovely lady, to ask her about her own personal experience with lash extensions. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to wear them, here’s a first-hand account:


Interviewer (in Green): Shadia- That’s a beautiful name!


Shadia (in italics): “Thank you. It’s Algerian. It means sweet and kind.”


That’s really nice. Do you come from Algeria originally?


“Yes. But, I lived in Switzerland before coming to Canada.”


Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living?


“I work with young kids. I’m an  early childhood educator. I have worked in this career for twelve years before coming to Canada.”


When did you move to Vancouver?


"I came to Vancouver about eleven months ago.”


How does Vancouver compare to Switzerland?


“Vancouver is beautiful. I really love it! It’s like my idea of the ‘American Dream’. It’s actually similar to Switzerland...The weather, the mountains, the sea...It’s similar, but much, much bigger than my home town. The weather is pretty much the same. It’s a little colder in Geneva.”


How did you find out about our Facebook Lash contest?


"I found it by chance, just randomly. I was looking through Facebook and I just saw the contest. At first, I thought the contest might be something fake. But, I thought why not? It said free lashes.”


Were you surprised that you won? Have you tried lash extensions before?


"I was. But, I followed the instructions and called them [Élan Beauty] to make an appointment. I asked: Is this really real? It looks so amazing! The lady I spoke with said ‘yes.’ She said ‘come on in’. When I arrived, she showed me pictures of past clients and I thought I won that?? It looked really, really nice! For me, it was a dream come true!”


Have you tried lash extensions before?


“No. It was my first time. But, I saw them before, on friends of mine, and I really liked them a lot. My sister used to get her lashes done a lot, back in Switzerland, and when I saw her like that, I thought ‘what a beautiful girl’! I thought ok, this is my chance [to get lashes done too]. So, that’s why I entered the contest. I had to trust that I could win. So, I tried.”


And you won! How did that feel?


“I was really excited about it! Even before the contest, I used to tell my friends that I would really like lash extensions. I was so happy when I won them!”


Who did your free lashes?


"Tammy did them (The owner of Élan).”


How was the appointment? How did the lash application go?


"Tammy was really friendly and nice. She joked a lot. She was also very delicate and didn’t hurt me at all.”


Was the appointment long?


“No. For me, it was no problem. I was so excited! When you really want something and it’s going to look nice, there’s no problem with the time. It seemed fast for me.”


Were you happy with the results?


“Tammy said I looked so beautiful and was so excited to show me the results! When I saw them, I was amazed! And the people here in Vancouver, who saw me, they really liked the results.”


Did you get compliments?


"A lot. Everybody at work told me ‘you look beautiful’ and ‘I want lashes like that’. Or they said: ‘there’s something different about you, what is it? Is it your makeup?’

“They said I had to do it all the time!” Shadia laughs. “I wish I could. But, for me, I can’t afford to keep them on all the time. I wish I could!”


What did you like most about your lash extensions? 


“The look was enhanced, but natural. For me the style was perfect! And they lasted about 5 weeks!”


Did anyone know that they weren’t your lashes?


“Some people. Mostly the men. “


Did you notice any extra attention from men because of the lashes?


“Yes. I got extra hugs and kisses from the men in my life.”


How did they wear, day to day? Were the lash extensions difficult to maintain?


“No. Tammy gave me a little brush and I used it to brush my lashes after my shower.”


Was there any down side to having the lashes?


“People said I was going to lose my natural lashes. They told me that they would rub off when my extensions fell out. I didn’t see any fall off. They were wrong. I didn’t lose anything.”


 How did it compare to wearing mascara?


“I didn’t have to use mascara when I had them on and it helped with my makeup, made it easy for me in the morning. I would wake up and look in the mirror and think ‘it looks so great.’ It made me feel so pretty!”


Did you have any lash refills after the initial set wore off?


“Yes. One refill, about a month ago.”


Would you get them again?


"Not yet. I would like to, but I’m waiting for a coupon,” she laughs.


Would you recommend getting your lashes done?


“Yes. I recommend them to everybody.  I also recommend Élan Beauty for lashes. They made me feel beautiful and pretty!”


 Do you want to try anything else at Élan Beauty?


“Maybe get my eyebrows done? Or my eyebrows tinted.”


♥ With those parting words, Shadia bade us goodbye. It was a pleasure getting to know her and we’d like to thank her for allowing us this interview! It’s always great to highlight some of our contest winners!


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